First blog post

One of my biggest accomplishments as a woman, is my 3 beautiful babies! over the last 6 years my life has taken a 360 turn. Discovering what it takes to help raise these tiny humans into caring, responsible, smart beings and equipping them with the right set of tools to navigate in this world of mayhem (the current situation has gotten more crazy!!!!)

Living in Abu Dhabi (our home) for the last 13+ years… My oldest (Kid 1) is 5 , the middle (Kid 2) is 4 and the baby (Kid 3) is 7 months old. Most of my days are occupied with being a full-time mum while trying to juggle wife to my supportive and very patient partner/best friend/husband – there are days he comes 4th on my list! We are also caretakers and  parents to our four-legged babies… Tigger and Sue (our kitty-cats)

So, why start blogging now?

It’s never to late! its my coming-out party! to be a little less introvert, a little bit more daring and hopefully bring a little bit of sparkle to life! a glimpse into my fun, busy, crazy yet blessed life. This blog is my journey through parenting, lifestyle, travel and everything in-between.


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