Will I ever sleep again?!?

6 years ago when I became a mum.. the most advice other mums give you is- sleep when the baby sleeps, sleep every chance you get!  … Here I am six years later, 3 kids and still wondering when will I ever sleep through the night!!

Our beloved bed is now a fortress of mattresses, pillows, lovelies, blankis, and kids.. Baby J sleeps with us in her own crib (although I have tried co-sleeping with her, to get some extra snoozes in! But, she apparently likes her space!) Kid 1 & Kid 2 are true snugglers… given the opportunity and they not only take the entire bed but most of my husband too.

The biggest tug-of-war during bedtime is space or lack of it for me! So when I do get my few brief hours of shut eye… I snore like a bear 🐻 (so it’s been said 😜)

The last few weeks though have been a bit rough for me since Baby J has refused to give me more than 2-3 hours of night sleep at a stretch! We have always used the no-cry sleep method, and try to put her down while she is almost fast asleep. I will admit there has been a few mornings/days where mummy becomes a grumpy old Bergen (who would eat a troll if it gets me a few more naps 😉) even my poor husband isn’t spared!

Baby J
Sleeping beauty 😘getting her morning nap 😴 while mama is busy with errands

I was complaining and whining to my mum the other day about how this baby doesn’t give me too much sleep. And she replies give it 2 years more and then you will sleep again 😳🙈😍…. so true!!!!

Morning Babies
Mornings like these are like rays of sunshine ☀️

So mummies with bubbas of all ages… one day soon you shall sleep… it will happen and it will be the best night of your life!!! In the meantime drink that coffee or tea and cherish everyday cause they grow up too soon.💋💋

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