A Fun Friday at Adventure HQ 

The weather has been so breezy & cool the past few days.. I love ❤️ this time of the year.

Friday turned out to be a dusty and windy day… so our beach date had to be postponed. We decided to try out Adventure HQ at Yas Mall.

A little back story first, a couple of months ago Kid 1 attended a birthday party at Adventure HQ and refused to participate in any of the courses (he wasn’t in a very great mood that day) so this time around armed with his cousin H who was visiting from Sharjah, they were excited 😊 to try out a few courses.

Adventure HQ is setup with 5 different courses catering to all ages. They have climbing pinnacle & wall, caving, cable climb, low ropes and ziplining. Each stage/course runs for 30mins and you can take as many turns until the allotted time is up. So, Kid 1, Kid 2 and Cousin H choose caving, low ropes and the zip line.

Fun Friday at Adventure HQ
All geared up and excited 😜

Well, we started on a high and ended up with just Kid 1 and Cousin H left finishing the courses! Kid 2 showed her drama queen side and started crying as soon as she got into the first course which is caving. It was too dark for her and she didn’t like that in all honesty. My opinion for this would be to provide all the children going inside a headlamp on their helmets and not just for a few children. Kid 1 also came out 30seconds later with the same speech. Though he did try to go back inside with Cousin H who had a headlight, but got nervous when the lights inside the cave started switching on & off.

Next they went on to the low climbing ropes and obstacle frame… Kid 2 had another meltdown (this time we have no idea why) and refused to do anything more. After the session ended. The 2 bigger ones moved on to the zip line which they absolutely 😍 loved!! They had about 5 turns before the 30minutes were up.

Friday Fun at Adventure HQ
Waiting for further instructions at the zip line

All in all it was a good day spent indoors (we even had ice cream 🍦), will definitely go again… Kid 1 wants to do just the zip line 🤓 and Kid 2 still wants nothing 😜

Adventure HQ is located inside Yas Mall & Dalma Mall. Each of the locations offer something different as an activity. Prices start from 65 Aed for 1 course (30mins), 110 Aed for 2 courses (60mins), 140 Aed for 3 courses (90mins)

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