When it finally rains in Abu Dhabi!

Sunday, February 26th, 2017… will go down as a date to remember this year. It finally rained! And oh did it rain ☔️ nonstop from 12noon till 8pm… oh joyful 😁 oh joyful 😁

Now unlike anywhere else in the world, when it rains in Abu Dhabi we all go crazy literally!! From the cars 🚗 on the road, to all the people running for cover, to the ones who start doing the happy dance outside! We obviously are the latter 🙈😝

We took a quick road trip to Starbucks to pick up some coffee as one does. And then tried to drive over all the muddy puddles! Baby 👶🏻 J had a fun afternoon run through the rain ☔️

We love rainy days
Ready for a fun trip in the car


Once we and the kids got back from school, they changed into some warm clothes and we all ran right outside the house for some fun play time and picture moments.

(Oh! please excuse my cap, I had a blow dry the night before 😜🙈)

That evening while it was still raining ☔️ we drove towards one of the local airport side restaurants and enjoyed yummy 😋 cups of karak chai ☕️

Yes, this is my crazy, fun family. Yes, we Love ❤️ dancing in the rain ☔️ 💋💋

**all the pictures are snapped by my brother @ridewithdavid**

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