An Afternoon with the latest skincare brand HydroPeptide

An Indulgent Afternoon spent at the gorgeous Rossano Ferretti @rfhairspauae learning all about a revolutionary skin care brand HydroPeptide 😍at their Media Event by the lovely TishTash @tishtashtalks

HydroPeptide is a luxury, result driven, anti-aging skin care range, focusing on the power of peptides (which are basically proteins). With over 60 peptides, antioxidant-rich botanical stem cells, growth factors and hyaluronic acid the product range stimulates collagen, boosts luminosity, increases hydration all the while enhancing our skin naturally. They have a range of products from clarifying, anti-aging, sensitive, and acne suited to all skin issues.

@rfhairspauae Rossano Ferretti has a wonderful selection of customized facial and body treatments. The price and treatment menu are at the end of this post.  I tried out The Brightening Facial done by the lovely trained Cynthia. We started with a relaxing lavender foot soak which immediately makes you feel relaxed and calm. After she took me step by step through what exactly was going on my face and why. One thing I would like to mention is that during this whole process my face, neck and decolletage area was treated (as it should in a proper facial treatment)… A cleanse, exfoliate, peel, mask, moisturize and I can honestly tell you my skin looked fresh and had a radiant glow!! 🙏🏼 (Like I slept for 8hours)

They also have a Lip Perfecting Gloss (they have a wide range of colours) which she applied on my lips at the end. It has a warming tingling sensation (one of the ingredients is chilli) which gives the lips a subtle fullness and suppleness. The entire retail range is available for your home care regimen to purchase at the Hair Spa… ❤️❤️

I would like to specially mention that HydroPepetide has collaborated with the Charity : Water, which is a nonprofit organisation that delivers safe, clean drinking water to people in developing countries. By purchasing the ‘HydroPeptide Eye Authority’ we can help support this wonderful initiative.

I definitely will be going back in about 2-3 weeks for the recommended ‘Deep Cleanse’ Facial and will let you know how that goes. But for now, I can honestly say the treatment has improved the overall radiance and glow in my skin (a week later and I can still see the effects)


Look! At that glow… all natural



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Celebrity Hair Spa Rossano Ferretti

Dubai: Villa 306, Jumeirah Beach Road – +971 4 3300073

Abu Dhabi: Villa 306, Al Karamah Street – +971 2 6453 313

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