Weekend Staycation at the Holiday Inn, Abu Dhabi

We started the year off just right, with a wonderful January 5th, 2018 weekend staycation at the Holiday Inn, Abu Dhabi. One of the main reasons for this was to assist in a fun and engaging initiative launched by Holiday Inn called the Chatterbox Conversation Cards.

The aim is to create conversations, share experiences and connect more as a family in this world where at times holidays are filled with the kids being entertained on their tablets and parents on their phones.

We as a family also participated in a video they are developing showing how fun these cards actually are and how creative and insightful some of my kids’ answers were. Will be sharing it in the video once its out!! (sooo exciting)

On our arrival, we finally met Niamh (thank you for everything lovely),  Hani (you are a star with the kids) and Delia who is the PR & Marketing Manager at the Holiday Inn… She is a genuinely lovely lady and was kind and generous with all the kids’ little food requests as we were checking in. I have never stayed at a Holiday Inn before and we have been missing out on a great family friendly hotel. The rooms are done in soft natural tones and have all the conveniences of a 5-star hotel. What I loved the most was the super king sized bed (such bliss!!!). We lazed in the room, enjoyed a funny session playing with the Chatterbox Conversation Cards (you have to watch the video below to listen to the answers) and then hit the rooftop pool.

We ate mostly in the hotels’ all-day dining restaurant, Silk Route Cafe… (my kids have very different taste buds so it’s always a better option for us) One of the things I do love, is that at every Holiday Inn property they have a wonderful programme ‘Kids Eat & Stay Free’ which is perfect for a family like ours.

Next day after a varied breakfast buffet the kids had the last play in the pool before we packed up and checked out.

It was relaxing, fun and an interesting mini-staycation and the kids seemed charged up and ready to start another term of school on a happy note.

A little about the ‘Chatterbox Cards’

Chatterbox cards are a fun and engaging series of 30 questions that prompt meaningful conversations between parents and kids (suitable for ages 3-12). It stimulates their imagination, aspirations and creativity. All the questions are categorised into 5 themes and are specially chosen to encourage expressive conversations between parents and their kids. The cards are available at all Holiday Inn hotels and resorts in Asia, Middle East and Africa regions.

How to use the Chatterbox Conversation Cards

  1. Pick out the first card from the pile and read the question aloud to all the players. Each family member must answer the same question.
  2. Listen closely when someone is answering. You may choose to ask more questions about their answer, or switch turns and let the other player ask a question from the next card in the pile.
  3. Remember, there is no wrong answer – for maximum fun, be candid and let your words and imagination flow!


*Special Thank You To H+K and Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi*

For more details and to book your stay click on










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