Was it Glamping or Camping at LongBeach Campground…

Oh! What a fantastic weekend this was… Sun, Sea, Sand and an actual mattress to lay on… Count me in anytime!!

Welcome to LongBeach Campground situated on the beach property of Bin Majid Beach Hotel, Ras Al Khaimah. Its a luxury, relaxed, no fuss, no hassle, fun version of camping or as I call it Glamping!!!

In their first season, this amazing overnight stay in a one of a kind traditional bell tent with all the fringes of camping with zero effort from us is by far the best idea, especially when done with kids and friends/family.

They have a few options for accommodation, in a 3-meter or 6-meter tent…

2 person tent

3 person tent

4 person tent

**Children below 5 are free

**Children between 6-12 AED 150

**the price includes all the kids and adult activities, a delicious bbq dinner, unlimited soft drinks and water, open bar 7-10pm, cinema by the beach with some yummy popcorn, building a bonfire, roasted marshmallows, bbq breakfast, 140ft slip’n’slide, and a whole lot of memories.

For booking and other information please contact: Bin Majid Beach Hotel

Wathsala Balasuriya – reservation8@binmajid.com

Reservations Department – reservations@binmajid.com

The drive was lovely around 2 hours from Abu Dhabi, we stopped for a quick Burger King lunch and reached the hotel at 3pm… The checking in actually is right outside the pool/side entrance in the parking lot. Once we got checked in we received our wristbands and the key (every tent has a solid brass lock)

Once we gathered our things from the car, you have to make your way through the swimming pool, across a bridge, down a steep flight of steps (that seemed forever with what we were carrying) across the hotel’s beach loungers and into the wonderful ‘LongBeach Campground”

The bell tents lined up and down across the beach shoreline, families, couples, kids playing by the beach, in the sand, badminton, beach volleyball.. the relaxed vibe sets in immediately. The kids had an amazing time at the beach, they saw tiny crabs, ‘alive clams’ snails, and tiny jellyfish… The entertainment team were awesome… they were always checking up on you, playing around with the others, entertaining the kids and just making sure all your needs were taken care of.

The BBQ dinner was spot on, from grill your own meats, kebabs, burgers, corn, and pineapple to seafood paella and a whole roasting lamb… Yum Yum!

After dinner the family got to sit around (the team set up) a cosy bonfire for us separately, a few of us had shisha, the kids played Jenga or cricket on the beach, a few were watching the movie… Nobody was interested in their iPads, they just loved playing with the cousins, exploring the campsite.

Next morning we woke up at 6:30 for yoga by the beach, followed by an interesting and yum bbq breakfast (try the cubes of bread, dipped in french toast batter and the grill… perfection) the kids changed into their swimsuits and participated in an egg hunt, followed by colouring and painting, musical chairs… the best bit was the kids got to learn how to fly kites!! Later on in the morning, the adults competed in volleyball, followed by some aqua Zumba and kayaking… By the time it was 12:30 -1pm the kids were knackered and ready for lunch and a nap. We left our gorgeous bell tent, said our goodbyes to the team and climbed those numerous stairs heading towards the car. We had a quick stop at the petrol station for fuel and KFC.. and while my gorgeous husband drove home everyone else went to sleep!

Just a quick checklist to help you out and ensure you have a fun staycation.

  1. take warm jackets (it gets chilly in the nights)
  2. portable chargers (are a huge plus).. the only plug point area is at the drinks bar
  3. take a couple of your own towels (they are provided but some tents didn’t have them and we had to request housekeeping for some, which took quite a while to come)
  4. all amenities are provided inside the tent (extra throw blankets, toothbrushes, toiletries, slippers)
  5. if you have kids, take some snacks (the kids got extremely hungry with all the running around)
  6. Only wear slippers or go barefoot… the sand is soft and clean
  7. Take lots and lots of pictures as the background and lighting are perfect!

Have a look at all our fun pictures and videos… and go ahead and book the family. These memories will last a lifetime.



The Setup


The Fun Video…














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