Happy Mother’s Day

I am who I am
I am what I am
I am how I am
I am why I am
I am my Mother’s Daughter!

There is no pure love than that between a mother and child… The love that blossoms through the years… The love that never gives up when you have lost your way… The love that makes you want to be a better person so they can be proud of you… The love that even when you forget to call or text cause your busy with life they always call to check up on you… The love that shares your happy moments with more joy… The love that you don’t appreciate until you become a Mama yourself… I love you Mama and I’m sorry I don’t say it enough… ❤️ But I Love You Always and Forever… ❤️ I Miss You… ❤️Please come make some ‘nammnamm’!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day 💋💋💋

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