My First Crack At A Short Story

So, Carters (the baby clothing brand) has a competition running to write a short story  on what your baby would dream about using a few characters from the list (cat, dinosaur, unicorn, ninja, ballerina, astronaut) so here is my crack at a short story based on Baby J, A Cat and A Unicorn…

Once Upon A Time, In A Land Filled With Water And Mountains There Lived A Beautiful Little Girl Called Jasmine. Jasmine Lived In A Tiny House With Her Fluffy Cat Called Tigs. Tigs Was Very Naughty And Used To Get Stuck Up A Tree.

One Day When Jasmine Was Looking For Tigs She Saw A Rainbow Coloured Unicorn Flying In The Sky. It Had Blue Wings, Pink Ears And A Black Nose. The Unicorn Flew Down Towards Jasmine And Said “Hello!”. Jasmine Was So Surprised And Excited To See The Unicorn That She Asked, “Can You Please Help Me Find Tigs My Fluffy Cat?”.  Up Jasmine Climbed Onto The Rainbow Coloured Unicorn And They Flew Over The Lands, Mountains And Through The Clouds.

As She Looked Down Below She Saw Tigs High Up In A Palm Tree.They Both Swooped Down To Pick Up Tigs And Headed Home.

Jasmine Kissed And Hugged The Rainbow Coloured Unicorn And Went Into Her Tiny House With Her Fluffy Cat Tigs. From Then On, The Rainbow Coloured Unicorn Stayed With Jasmine And Fluffy Cat Tigs And They Lived Happily Ever After.



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