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Chatterbox Conversation Cards Video

Chatterbox Conversation Cards - Activation Video is out now

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Was it Glamping or Camping at LongBeach Campground…

Sun, Sea, Sand and an actual mattress to lay on... Count me in anytime!! Welcome to LongBeach Campground situated on the beach property of Bin Majid Beach Hotel, Ras Al Khaimah. Its a luxury, relaxed, no fuss, no hassle, fun version of camping or as I call it Glamping!!!

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My Breastfeeding Journey With My Three & How I Weaned My Toddler From Waking In The Middle Of The Night To Breastfeed

Extended breastfeeding or anything after 11 months is fairly new to me... My experience with the older two was very different. I am so proud of us, she is 19months old and we still breastfeed (only in the mornings now).

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Weekend Staycation at the Holiday Inn, Abu Dhabi

weekend staycation at The Holiday Inn, Abu Dhabi. One of the main reasons for this was to assist in a fun and engaging initiative launched by Holiday Inn called the Chatterbox Conversation Cards.

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An Afternoon with the latest skincare brand HydroPeptide

An Indulgent Afternoon spent at the gorgeous Rossano Ferretti  learning all about a revolutionary skin care brand HydroPeptide

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Amber Teething Necklace… Does it actually work?

Just when you feel comfortable on the routine you have with your baby…. Along comes the dreaded teething stages. Teething starts for some babies as early as 3-4 months and all the way till most of their milk teeth are out. Drooling, putting fingers or other objects into the mouth, irritability, loss of appetite, diarrhea,… Continue reading Amber Teething Necklace… Does it actually work?

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Adam’s 6th Birthday Party at Bounce

Kid 1 for the last 7 months has been wanting to have his party at Bounce which is in Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi. They have 2 kinds of party packages;(inclusive of sun-blast juices, water, popcorn) 60 minutes access to free-jumping mayhem and afterwards your very own party room for 30minutes.

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Didi’s – Handmade Personalised Birthday Letters

Dona moved about 3 years ago to Dubai and has been making these creative & stylish letters for family and friends for about a year now

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My Top 12 – Parents Actually Require During The Babymoon Phase

Playtime - babies can't see too much initially so they just like cradling, rocking, swaying, floor mat stretches and practice kicks! Play mats, daddy's chest for tummy time, bouncer, swing, 4moms mamaroo ... these are fun, colourful things to have and they will help keep baby safe and entertained for when you need a few minutes of me time.

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When it finally rains in Abu Dhabi!

Yes, this is my crazy, fun family. Yes, we Love ❤️ dancing in the rain