Quick Tips

Oat Baths for Toddlers and Kids

  • I swear by these baths for my kids (both my girls suffer from eczema which is very dry and itchy skin) it relieves them from scratching and itching the dry areas. (usually near the folds of the arm, knee, feet)
  • It also helped soothe and calm inflamed skin when my 19-month toddler had a bad nappy rash.
  • I used it when my son had chicken pox to help calm his skin and heal/dry the spots faster.
    • Take a cup of whole rolled oats and pour it in a muslin cloth. Now fasten the cloth with a tie or simple band.
    • Run a lukewarm bath and add the pouch to the running water which makes the bath turn milky.
    • Let the little ones sit in the bath for a good 15-20 minutes.
    • You can gently rub your child’s skin with the oatmeal pouch to help hold in moisture and nourish any inflamed or dry areas.
    • Their skin will feel smooth and silky… once they are out, just pat them dry followed by your preferred moisturizer. (I personally use/recommend 202gardeniard Refined Shea Butter for toddlers and Shea Butter with Oat, Goats Milk & Honey for kids prone to dry itchy skin or eczema).






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